At last, something we can all agree on.

Circularo turns cumbersome paper-based processes for agreements, contracts and approvals into fast and frictionless digital experiences for all stakeholders.

Our agreement management and electronic signature solutions are secure, legally binding and compliant with leading international e-signature regulations.

Farewell pen-and-ink.
Hello digital signatures.

Printing, signing and scanning is slow, inconvenient and unsafe. Digital sign-offs and stamps are simple, secure and mobile-friendly.

Sign on a touchpad or touchscreen, handwrite-and-digitize or just type.
Sign-here devices
Compatible with leading signature devices like Wacom stylus pads.
Initial every page of wills and lengthy contracts electonically.
Sign on a touchpad or touchscreen, handwrite-and-digitize or just type.
Sign on a touchpad or touchscreen, handwrite-and-digitize or just type.

A powerful Agreement Management resource.

Circularo s Agreement Management, e-signature and e-approval solutions support and enable the multitude of tasks involved in agreement-processing and approval-based workflows.

Collaborate. Organise. Get it done.

Circularo Agreement Spaces are virtual portals where internal and external participants securely curate, manage, share and co-edit documents while authoring, co-editing, evaluating and negotiating in order to reach, sign and execute agreements.

Faster. Simpler. Smoother.

Leave paper-reliant competitors behind using Circularo s Unified Workflows to map agreement processes, automate the flow of work, breaking down the barriers between organisational silos and seamlessly connect to external stakeholders - like customers.

Friction-free from

One resources. Heaps of tools. Awesome functionality

Powerful tools to compose, co-edit, prepare and compile agreement documents and set-up automated approval management processes.
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Packed with features that make it easy to operate agreement-based workflows and adopt best practices in any organisation or industry.
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The life of a document doesn t end with a signature. Circularo makes it easy to archive, search, revisit, amend and manage agreement documents and stakeholders.
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Liberating agreement-reliant industries from the shackles of printing.

Development & Construction
Town planning and building involves many stakeholders, countless approval processes, continuous inspections and hundreds if not thousands of agreements and contracts. Run it all, digitally, with Circularo.
Legal Sector
Circularo helps law firms and legal departments bring the parties together and move to electronic agreements.
Upgrade customer experiences with improved check-ins, check-outs, registrations and much more.
Money Matters
Ideal for a wide range of essential banking and fincance paperwork from account opening to trade confirmations and beyond.
Public Service
Circularo helps governments run departments and serve citizens faster, more cost efficiently and digitally.

Our Middle East Customers

Compliant with UAE laws and regulations

Extensive Middle East experience
With full right-to-left Arabic functionalist, UAE-base data centres, a sales and service team in Dubai and compliance with NESA/ISR, Circularo can be trusted as a tried, tested and secure agreement platform for Middle East businesses and institutions.
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