Cloud experience with on premise control

HPE GreenLake helps your customers move faster and perform better. It’s a complete suite of IT solutions, incorporating big data, edge computing and database technology. With the simplicity, agility and economics of public cloud, and the security, control and performance of on premise IT, HPE GreenLake gives your customers the results they need, while allowing them to retain firm control of apps and data.

Making HPE GreenLake even easier

Now we’ve introduced the HPE GreenLake calculator, so you can generate quotes for your customers fast and demonstrate the savings they can make. With Westcoast, everything’s designed to give you the best possible framework to increase your margins and boost your HPE revenues.

Discover the GreenLake calculator

Trust and relationship building cements a partnership with a global giant

As one of the major players in the North American tech market, OnX recently contacted Westcoast, as they were interested in a HPE GreenLake solution for their new business in Northern Ireland. This is the story of how a calculated risk led to a big reward, culminating in the largest ever HPE GreenLake 3.0 channel order, with a revenue of £2.2 million.

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